V Units


V - Series Coolers and Condensers

The V Series product line offers an economical approach for Cooler and Condenser applications while allowing personal customization for specific needs.


Features & benefits


  • Smaller foot print and lower height
  • Single and double rows of fans
  • Mounted side by side with proper height
  • Spray and Pad Adiabatic options

Easy installation

  • Ships fully assembled with all lifting provisions
  • Full factory wired options available
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fans easily accessible


  • Spray adiabatic options
  • Multiple fan choices for sound sensitivity
  • Multiple motor options including ATEX
  • Flexible layout options including elevated stand
  • Wide choice of materials
  • HT/LT Sandwich cooler arrangements

ISO 9001 complaint

  • High reliability
  • PED Compliant

Product groups

V Shaped Units
V Shaped Units
Flad Bed Units
Flat Bed Units
Adiabatic Units
Adiabatic Units
Special Units
Special Units


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