Adiabatic Solutions


EVAPCO units with adiabatic pads or spray, are designed to permit the most flexible, economical and hygienically safe cooling system available today.

The product allows for cost effective dry cooling during applicable temperatures combined with economic precooling of the entering air to achieve operating temperatures like evaporative equipment.

The control sequence is designed to enable the unit to adjust accordingly to achieve the lowest energy and water use as ambient conditions change.

The Adiabatic pad or Spray solutions can be added to single and double coil arrangements with various combinations to suit your needs. The system can be fully integrated with modern modbus control systems or manual controls to fit the customer’s needs.

Adiabatic principle of operation
Adiabatic Principle of operation

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Basic operation, on a fully controlled unit, energizes the electromechanical valve system as the final step in the control sequence to reach the leaving water or refrigerant set point. Once all motors have reached full speed and the set point is not met with air only, the electromechanical valves energize and the water comes on. The dead band range prevents the valve body from oscillating on and off and allows the system to run to minimize thermal shocking. Using step control, the electromechanical valve system will energize after the last motor is energized and the set point triggers the valve to open. 

Adiabatic coolers uses 70% less water

than standard evaporative Cooling devices



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